Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child in a Travelin' Tumbler class?
Can I enroll my child mid-session and, if so, will it be prorated?
How long are classes?
What should my child wear to a Travelin' Tumblers class?
How do I make class payments?
What happens when school is closed due to the weather or holidays?
If I have questions concerning a class invoice, whom do I contact?
How do I remove my child from Travelin' Tumblers class?
What's included in Travelin' Tumblers birthday parties?
Where are the birthday parties held?
How much space is needed for a birthday party?
Is the birthday party deposit refundable?
Are there rain dates for birthday parties?
Is it okay to have mixed ages at the birthday parties?
What are the sizes of your bouncers?


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