Children practice turning, hanging, swinging, jumping, catching, balancing, climbing, stepping, and rolling while exploring space relations (under, over, distance), lateral movements, and speed variations.


This special program is based on popular sports. ChampKidz increases fitness, boosts self-esteem, and builds locomotor skills, such as throwing, catching, jumping, and kicking, through basic athletic fundamentals.

Birthday Parties

Rather than hiring performers, let the kids be the stars of the show! Travelin’ Tumbler’s will come to your house or selected location, and bring the equipment, instructors, insurance, and excitement with us.

Special Programs

Our special programs are a great way to treat the children to an exciting day that involves learning and fitness. We bring the equipment and instructors to you. We incorporate these special themes into our regular curriculum.

What is Travelin’ Tumblers?

Travelin’ Tumblers is a unique, family run program travels that to your location and provides the equipment, instructors, and insurance for tumbling classes, special theme sessions, and children’s birthday parties! Our program uses lively music, innovative gymnastics equipment, and varying themes to boost children’s fitness levels and self-esteem through diverse & enriching physical activities.


We place a strong emphasis on safety and our experienced instructors ensure that all the activities are age and ability appropriate. We happily work with children from ages 1 through 8, including those with special needs, and teach with enthusiasm, patience, & positive reinforcement.

This video demonstrates our tumbling classes in a preschool setting. The tumblers work on pencil rolls, jumping over hurdles, playing with hula hoops and the parachute.

Upcoming Events


Penguin Parade: We tumble like Penguins by sliding down the icebergs, waddling on the balance beam, balancing our bodies on the ice, ice skating the river and swimming for our food.

Travelin’ Tumblers, Inc., 

10 Blazier Road

Warren, NJ 07059

Phone 732.302.5850 Mobile: 732-850-6676 Fax 732.560.9606


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Why Choose Us


  • Experienced and energetic teachers with Masters Degrees in Education, NJ teacher certified, USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, and CPR trained
  • 29 years history as a family-run independent business
  • Exemplary reputation
  • Beneficial to children, parents and schools
  • Customized classes and payment program
  • 20,30, or 45 minutes to 1 hour classes
  • Located in central New Jersey
  • We travel to you!

What People are Saying


“Travelin’ Tumblers has been a wonderful part of our extracurricular program for 17 years. The children ages 2-5 benefit tremendously from this diverse and unique program. The teachers relate to the children wonderfully and the weekly enthusiasm in the class is remarkable!”

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Strawberry Hill Preschool

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